“Farina,” by Alberto Reyes Morgan (Fiction ’20)

2020 fiction alum Alberto Reyes Morgan was recently featured in Husk. Read an excerpt of “Farina” below:


Farina down below me, open eyes staring. They look like broken glass, his eyebrows bleeding, his tongue slurred out. And me, yelling at his body, my hands waving. I think about jumping down the hole of the roof he fell through, but I’m afraid. He’s in a living room, next to an altar with a San Juditas, next to the big fucking TV we’d seen through the window, and I think I see the bald head of an old man going up to him.

I run away, and he does some time. I keep hitting the mona and he’s trying to stop using in there he tells me over the phone. Fixes up a deal where he gets out and goes to an anexo. They make him stand naked and throw buckets of cold water on him, call him an hijo de la chingada and all kinds of things. Cures him.


Read this piece in its entirety, as well as another, here: https://huskzine.com/issues/husk-1-1/tonatiuhfarina/