“I Wanted to Tell You Something,” by Erin Osborne (Fiction ’20)

Fiction alum Erin Osborne was recently featured in Husk. Read an excerpt of “I Wanted to Tell You Something” below:

I Wanted to Tell You Something

It was a shard of metal flowing safely through your aorta, over and over again for the rest of your life. It was a petal of the hydrangea flower, veined and changing. It was the curve of a fern’s frond. It was the beak of a finch, any finch. It was a tiny glass sphere, indisputable in its composition.  It was a misfiring synapse. It was the snaps of my coat against the barrel of the clothes dryer. It was that arias exist; they’re a thing!


Read the rest of this piece, as well as another, here: https://huskzine.com/issues/husk-1-1/conductingpheasants/