“Someday I’ll Forgive Lara Egger” by Lara Egger

Poetry alumn Lara Egger was recently featured in Verse Daily. Read an excerpt of “Someday I’ll Forgive Lara Egger” below:

Someday I’ll Forgive Lara Egger

(after Frank O’Hara/Roger Reeves/Ocean Vuong, Et al.)
You say you adore your dog
more than anyone else on the planet.
Lara, is the feeling mutual?
You think sharing a needle is more intimate
than sex. Your therapist was right:
a medium-sized ocean is still an ocean.
You were, after all, the glitter bomb
exploding Mike and his, thanks-to-you, ex.
Get over it—you’re not the only one
struggling to make it in love’s gig-economy;
nobody forced your heart
to go dumpster-diving on weekends.

Continue reading “Someday I’ll Forgive Lara Egger” here: “Someday I’ll Forgive Lara Egger” by Lara Egger (versedaily.org)

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