“A Few Minutes After Nine” by Charles Douthat (Poetry ’19)

Poetry alumn Charles Douthat was recently featured in The Los Angeles Review. Read an excerpt of “A Few Minutes After Nine” below:


After Sunday another winter Monday,

and some hours after Monday’s midnight

his fourth week began. His fourth Tuesday

alone with her, still on the five-to-noon shift

he’d claimed arriving from the East Coast,

choosing to remain on Eastern Standard Time.

So he woke naturally to the slow, much-alike

mornings. Bed-rails chroming brighter at dawn.

Room-lamps paling. Windows sluggishly filling

with light. Days imperceptibly coming to life

as he fulfilled promises made to her

and to himself: he would stay to the end;

he would feel whatever there was to feel;

he would remember how death came for her.

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