Thank You, Donors!

Thank You, Donors!

Friends of Writers thanks the generous donors who continue to support our goals of fostering new and vital literary voices If you would like to contribute the work of Friends of Writers, please click on the blue donate on the sidebar to the right.

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MFA Residency Public Lecture and Reading Schedule – Friday, January 12

Public Lectures: Friday, January 12

In Canon Lounge, Gladfelter

Friday, January 12                                                  MAURICE MANNING: How to Build a Haunted
10:00 AM  Fellowship Hall                         House: Or, Tell Me a Story About Farming, Ceremony, and Poetry in Motion         
Longer, ambitious poems, while stunning in their presentation and apparent singularity, are nevertheless composed of smaller elements.  These smaller elements, whether the metrical line, a conventional stanza, a free-verse arrangement of lines, or simply an accumulation of lines followed by open space on the page, constitute poetic form, in general terms.  A sonnet or a villanelle is a specific form.  This lecture is interested in discussing poetic form more broadly, and implies the notion that form is not simply an arrangement of material, but is, in fact, a living thing, a generative feature of the poem itself.  To make elements of a poem consciously formal is a ceremonial act, it sets them apart and signals their importance.  The formal elements of a poem are not merely stately, however; they become vital, and are therefore always in motion, shifting and hovering and resonating beyond the static meaning of words.  There is a vibrant living thing below or above the poem, in other words, and this lecture is an attempt to articulate that fact!  This poetic fact finds a kindred spirit in farming, namely, the pasturing of livestock and the required motions of a healthy farm.  Farmers and farm-familiar poets will be invoked.  Our primary text will be Robert Penn Warren’s long poem, Audubon: A Vision.  Those attending this lecture will be invited to read this poem in advance, but relevant sections of it, and the complete versions of other poems discussed will be provided.

Public Graduating Student Readings
Friday, January 12—4:30 PM, Fellowship Hall; followed by graduation ceremony

Sonya Larson, Carlos Andres Bates-Gómez, Kristin Hewitt, Meghan Williams

Request for Volunteers at AWP 2018

Request for Volunteers at AWP 2018

The MFA Program for Writers will once again have a table at the AWP Conference. This year’s gathering will be held in Tampa, Florida. The Bookfair is open Thursday, March 7 to Saturday, March 10, from 9:00 to 5:00. We seek volunteers in one- or two-hour shifts, to answer questions from prospective students and to talk about their experience in the MFA program.

If you’re coming to AWP and are able to donate some time toward staffing our table, please contact alumna Alison Powell (Fiction, 2010;, or via FaceBook), February 20 with specifics about your availability. Allison will coordinate the schedule and will be back in touch with you to confirm.

Our thanks in advance for your assistance. As one of our recent print ads stated, “Our graduates are our best advertisement.” Your many successes—and your abiding enthusiasm for our program—provide impressive evidence of what the Warren Wilson MFA yields and makes possible for our lives as writers.

Announcing the Larry Levis Post-Graduate Stipend Winners!

Friends of Writers is pleased to announce the winners of the 2017 Larry Levis Post-Graduate Stipend: Rose Skelton in Fiction for HOMESCAR, and Noah Stetzer in Poetry for BOYS GUIDE TO DANGER & HOUSEWORK . Each winner receives $4000. The judge in fiction was Peter Ho Davies.  The judge in poetry was Allison Joseph.


Congratulations to Rose and Noah, and many thanks to everyone who applied. Both judges report that choosing just one winner in each category was a difficult decision, as there were so many high-quality entries.Finalists in poetry included Francine Conley, Cynthia Saunders Quinones, and Luke Brekke. Finalists in Fiction were Avra Elliott, Laura Moretz, and Terri Leker.

In 2018 there will again be two awards, one in poetry and one in fiction. Submission guidelines will be available and the amount of the 2018 awards announced as of August 1, 2018, with submissions accepted beginning September 1.

Please Support the FOW 2017 Year-End Campaign

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Our community of writers is rooted firmly in our love of literature and the rigorous working (and re-working) it takes to make literature of our own. Yet, as grounded as we are in that simple but challenging mission, our community is always evolving as well, as we strive to meet the changing needs of writers in an unpredictable world. That is the work being done by Friends of Writers, through its summer conference, digital craft lectures, Levis stipends for completing a first book, AWP gathering and other projects—and its need-based MFA scholarships, which depend so crucially on your help. (more…)