Levis: Last Call Approaches!

Levis: Last Call Approaches!

It’s time to stop revising! The deadline is looming: November 15, 2017.

To submit your manuscript, please click here. 

The Levis Prize is named for Larry Levis (1946-1996), an award-winning poet and much-beloved MFA Program for Writers faculty member. Levis Prizes will be awarded to two alumni completing first books, one in poetry and one in fiction.

(Here’s the link: https://friendsofwriters.submittable.com/submit/88762/larry-levis-post-graduate-stipends)

Reminder: Levis Post-Graduate Stipend Now Open for Submissions

Reminder: Levis Post-Graduate Stipend Now Open for Submissions

The Larry Levis Post-Graduate Stipend supports graduates of the MFA Program for Writers who are completing their first books. In 2017, two Levis Stipends will be awarded,  one for poetry and one for fiction.The amount of the stipend is determined by the income produced by the Levis Fund Endowment during the previous year.  In 2017 the award will be in the amount of $4,000. Judges will be announced with the winning manuscripts.

Details on how to submit are available on this link: Submissions to the Levis Stipend

The Rumpus Poetry Book Club Chat with Gabrielle Calvocoressi

The Rumpus Poetry Book Club Chat with Gabrielle Calvocoressi:

The Rumpus Poetry Book Club chats with Gabrielle Calvocoressi about her new collection Rocket Fantasticthe fluid nature of gender, and the reader as collaborator with the text . . . This Rumpus Book Club interview was edited by Brian Spears.


Brian S: Talk to me about this choice to use a symbol to represent the Bandleader. You write about it in your introduction, but I’m curious about how the idea evolved over time and affected the book.

Gabrielle Calvocoressi: Well, you know this book took me almost a decade to write. I’d started some of the poems before Apocalyptic Swing came out. When I first started working on it I had a whole sort of story in mind, personae, an arc… basically the recipe for a disaster.

Eve Linn: Could you comment on how you conceived of this as a narrative?

Gabrielle Calvocoressi: And then in 2012 I had the tremendous fortune of getting to go to Marfa, TX for a Lannan Fellowship where I got to sit in this house that just looked out at this giant sky.

Sarah Fowler: Building off of the Bandleader question—I am wondering when the use/manipulation of breath came in to play? Was it always a part of the equation with that character?

Gabrielle Calvocoressi: I was in Marfa and what I realized was the book was so locked down and not at all what I had wanted or hoped for. I realized I’d started to use this strategy of persona to notwork into the deeper issues of power and voice and the vessel of the body that I’d been working with and struggling with in my own life.

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Rocket Fantastic by Gabrielle Calvocoressi

Gabrielle Calvocoressi’s new book of poems, Rocket Fantastic, is available Sept. 12th through Persea Books.

In addition, her poem “The Sun Got All Over Everything” appears as the featured poem in Poetry Daily:

The Sun Got All Over Everything

Over the boys and girls by the pool,
over the bougainvillea, which got so hot
my palms stayed warm for minutes after.
It made a mess of a day
that was supposed to be the worst
and lured me outside so I forgot her death entirely.
And also the polar bears scrambling

[. . . continue reading here.]

Gabrielle Calvocoressi is the author of Apocalyptic Swing, finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Award, and The Last Time I Saw Amelia Earhart, winner of the Connecticut Book Award. She is Editor-at-Large for Los Angeles Review of Books, and teaches in the MFA program of Warren Wilson College and at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she is currently Assistant Professor of English and Walker Percy Fellow in Poetry. (Author photo by Levi Shand)

To pre-order a copy of Rocket Fantastic, click here.

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