“The White Shirt” by Dilruba Ahmed

Poetry faculty member Dilruba Ahmed has multiple poems recently featured in VQR. Read an excerpt of one of them, “ The White Shirt” below:

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The White Shirt

Sometimes, a teacher proposes
we write about something
insignificant, or a friend requests

that poems and posts not get so
political. Imagine something ordinary,
something simple

and free: a white shirt
clipped on a clothesline and
fluttering in the breeze. But I can’t

slip it on with ease
as some might,
though I might long, at times,

for a respite. I try to imagine
how quiet it must be, caught
in a cloth so white

it seems to possess
no color at all, only the pure
bright essence of light

and reality. And unlike snakes
why would we molt
from a skin we can’t perceive?

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