“Lucky” by Juliet McShannon (Fiction ’21)

Fiction alum Juliet McShannon (Bornia) was recently featured in Five Points Literary Journal. Read an excerpt of “Lucky” below:

The train was late. Lucy sipped the last of her water, and held onto her plastic bottle, lamenting the removal of the trash cans just last month. A commuter had threatened to sue Transnet. It had made the national news: monkeys biting commuters, an increasingly common occurrence. The complainant was white, and happy to be interviewed at her leafy Kloof home. Lucy wondered, a little ruefully, why a white woman of means had taken a train that day? Or any day? She hadn’t said in the interview. Surely that was the more interesting story?

Read the rest of this story here:  https://fivepoints.gsu.edu/excerpt/lucky/

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